1. trinkete

    Pontevedra Tourlapse, 75000 pics showing the best of my hometown

    This is one of the most crazy projects i ever did, 5 months shooting around my hometown i tried my best to show a flowmotion of this city, my hometown become in a "laboratory" to experiment with a DIY slider and experiment hyperlapse technique, several hyperlapses are done without tripod...
  2. Scott Herder

    South Bohemian Beer Trail

    Vimeo - Description - Czech Republic is so much more than just Prague. Having now spent nearly 4 months in the country over the last two years we have enjoyed exploring some of the countries more beautiful scenery. On this trip we went beer tasting around Southern Bohemia. Exploring some...
  3. Scott Herder

    New York City in Motion - Flowmotion

    I aim to take you on a tour of New York in fun flowmotion video combining time-lapse, hyper-lapse and slow-motion techniques to bring the viewer on a journey through New York in a creative way. Over 15,000 still raw images were shot to create this video, the aim was to make it seem as close to...
  4. Scott Herder

    A Day in Český Krumlov

    Have finished shooting a fun mix of time-lapse, hyper-lapse and even a couple drone shots in the wonderfully charming and beautiful town of Český Krumlov in the Czech Republic. The concept was spending a day in the city with a focus on the Baroque architecture and I really love trying to create...
  5. Arturo Mauleon

    Guanajuato Capital - Hyperlapse Flow Motion

    After more than 4 months of production, more than 8734 photos, more than 820 GB of storage, extraordinary people that support the production, etc; January 25, 2017 ends the last render of the project. Guanajuato Capital — Flow Motion lasts 3:30 minutes, has stereo sound design and is displayed...

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