1. Tony Stephenson

    Help/Advice needed on Hyperlapse flicker in v bright light.

    Hello all! I wonder if anyone can help with this one .... The short clip, I've put on Vimeo, was shot in very bright sunlight. V High contrast. I've been playing around a bit with tilt shift hyper lapse, with mixed results. Around 65/35 hit rate - worse in v bright sunlight such as here...
  2. JonasHøholt

    Lens twist trick on Sony mirrorless with metabone

    Hello timelapse fellows! Considering a camera upgrade next year, I am interested to know about your experiences with using the "lens twisting trick" on a Sony mirrorless camera like the Sony A7SII or A7RII mounted with metabone and some of my good Canon L lenses. Is it even possible to choose...
  3. Jinsheng

    New Time-lapse De-Flicker Tool: TLDF

    Hi, I created a time-lapse de-flicker tool (called TLDF) that simplifies the time-lapse flickering removal. It is available on Mac App Store. There are versions: free (renders up to 720p) and full (up to 8K). The apps are called "TLDF". Just take all the pictures in any auto exposure mode and...
  4. Jinsheng

    Hi from Jinsheng (Creator of Time-Lapse De-Flicker app: TLDF)

    I love time-lapse photography. I have taken day time and night time time-lapse, but avoided sunset and day to night fearing they may generate flickers and tremendous work fix them. Since I am quite good at programming and algorithms, I decided to solve the problem by myself. After long time...

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