dynamic perception

  1. Mattia Bicchi

    Madrid | Timelapse & Hyperlapse | 8K

    My 2020 Timelapse and Hyperlapse showreel it's all about Madrid, not because I didn't travel, but because it became my new home! With this timelapse, I wanted to showcase some of my favourite spot I shot in 2019! Thank you, Madrid for gifting me with the incredible skies at sunset and for the...
  2. Mattia Bicchi

    KYRGYZSTAN | 8K - A new Timelapse playground!

    I presents to you my latest 8K Timelapse Film, entirely shot during a 17 days tour in Kyrgyzstan with Visit Karakol. Hope you like it!
  3. FalaahNasser

    Oman Time Lapse 4K

    Hi there, Her is my first post for my final time lapse video that I have posted in you tube recently. I traveled all over my lovely country Oman in the last 2 years visiting 64 different locations in order to capture more than 15000 shoots to make this time lapse video. The whole project...
  4. FalaahNasser

    Time-lapser from Oman

    Hello everybody I am a time lapse photographer from Oman. I have been shooting time lapse for almost 6 years now. I shoot time lapse as a hobby in my free time. I shot mainly using Nikon D750 with it kit lens 24-70 f/4. I use Dynamic perception as motion control system. My footage are...
  5. Mattia Bicchi


    I can definitely say that 2017 and 2018 have been one of the most exciting years of my Timelapse career and of my life! During these two years, my wife and I travelled to 20 countries and visited 18 cities between Europe, South America and the US, creating lots of content for stock imagery and...
  6. Mattia Bicchi

    ICELAND | The South Coast | 8K

    Hey Guys! This is my latest Timelapse from Iceland! Discover through this Timelapse, the southern coast of one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Its wonderful volcanic landscape, waterfalls and Northern lights dancing in the night sky. Hope you'll enjoy it! :)
  7. Brian Moore

    Dynamic Perception Stage One 2 Axis System

    Lightly used Dynamic Perception Stage One time-lapse Slider and Stage R Pan Head. Originally purchased as the Dynamic Perception Stage One4 All bundle with Stage R add on. Comes with original packaging. Original purchase price of all items was $2600.00 CAD. Equipment list: - Stage One4 All...
  8. Mattia Bicchi

    The Scottish Highlands | SCOTLAND | TimeLapse - 4K

    My Last Timelapse film from Scotland - Last summer my wife and I spent two weeks exploring and camping around the breathtaking North West Scottish Highlands, this Timelapse showcases the best places we visited during our trip, I can't get enough of Scotland.
  9. Cory Marshall

    Aotearoa (New Zealand 4k Timelapse)

    I have been fortunate to spend the last year living in New Zealand and have had the pleasure of experiencing some of the amazing landscapes that this country has to offer. This is my first attempt at a timelapse video and have spent countless hours hiking around lugging a heavy pack through the...
  10. leandroprz

    Norte Argentino II | A 5 year production compressed into a 4 minute video shot in northern Argentina

    I just finished my latest timelapse project in which I worked on for five years and I wanted to share it with you guys. It was all shot in northern Argentina. This is a sequel to Norte Argentino, my first timelapse. Hope you enjoy it! Cheers
  11. R

    Selling Dynamic Perception Stage One PLUS bundle + Stage R (1 pan rotary unit) + Ramper Pro2

    I'm selling my Dynamic Perception Stage One PLUS bundle + Stage R (1 pan rotary unit) + Ramper Pro2. I have never used Stage R and Ramper Pro2. I sell whole package and separate packages as follows: Whole package Stage One PLUS bundle + Stage R (1 pan rotary unit) + Ramper Pro2 = $1500 USD...
  12. Zack In a Box

    Lost in the desert under the stars - A long-exposure time-lapse of the stars and moon in Arizona

  13. inksurgeon

    Iceland 4k - Canon 5dsr

    A timelapse video of my recent trip to Iceland. Ten days in a camper van exploring this beautiful country, living solely off super noodles and beer, we battled the weather and ventured off the beaten path. This is my first real living on the road experience and to be fair I did feel broken a few...
  14. inksurgeon

    The Peak District

    Hey guys, here is a selection of some of my favourite locations in the Peak District. Constructive criticism welcome. Maybe the clips are too long?? Poor choice of music?? All shot with canon 5dsr, Dynamic Perception stage R and stage one, and Lee filters 0.9 soft grad. Ramped with...
  15. inksurgeon

    Hello from Sheffield, U.K

    Hi guys, im Rob Bates, a tattoo artist by trade but timelapse is my passion. I use Dynamic Perception stage R and stage one slider and a canon 5dsr. There anyone else from the U.K on here?? Cheers guys, Rob
  16. B

    Dynamic Perception Stage Zero & Stage R bundle

    Hi folks, I have the following Dynamic Perception kit for sale, lightly used for a couple of shoots: 1 x Dynamic Perception Stage Zero 6' complete Kit (includes 6 foot track and cart for camera) - with Canon N3 cable for Canon DSLR 1 x EZ Swap DC motor 21 rpm 2 x EZ Swap DC motor 8 rpm 2 x EZ...
  17. M

    FS: Dynamic Perception 3 Axis Package: Stage R Pan/Tilt Head w/ Stage Zero Dolly w/ NMX Controller

    Not For Sale any longer
  18. Nick Hagman

    Sakura 2017 timelapse Japan's Cherry Blossom Season

    I was in Japan for work during peak viewing season of their cherry tree bloom, so I packed my gear and tried to make the most of it. Thanks for watching
  19. JP Danko

    Dynamic Perception Stage One Dolly With MX2 Controller & Battery

    Selling near-new condition Dynamic Perception Stage One Dolly (legacy with 40" aluminum rails and extension rails for 60" maximum length) with MX2 motion controller & lithium ion battery. Asking $800 reserve bid at auction or $1050 buy it now price...
  20. DominicJames

    Dynamic Perception Cart sticking on the rail joints

    Hi guy's Took my DP Stage One with me to Thailand for a commercial shoot last week. I wanted to use it is a dolly to run my camera along but noticed that it does not run smoothly over the joints between sections of the carbon fiber rails, specifically over the aluminium parts. It goes over but...

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