1. Oliver232

    Sleepless in Zug - Drone Hyperlapse at night

    Hi, here is my second drone hyperlapse. Done with my Mavic 2 Pro again, edited with LRtimelapse and stabilized with WarpStabilizer.
  2. Oliver232

    WINTER PARADISE in the Alps - Drone Hyperlapse

    This is my first drone hyperlapse. Done with my Mavic 2 Pro, edited with LRtimelapse and stabilized with WarpStabilizer.
  3. samstonehill

    UK's most advanced solar farm - construction time-lapse

    Using a Mavic 2 Pro I was able to repeat set flight paths over long time-frames, cutting the results together to make a unique kind of construction film. Some might call this a dronelapse film? It was a lonely kind of Summer living next to a construction site but I am pleased with the results...
  4. marcusmoller_dp


    It’s online. My new project that I’ve been shooting for the past two years, Trying to hit the right whether conditions. I want to show how i see the world, through the lens that is. :) Shot in the northen parts of Sweden, Ottsjö, Åre Equipment used: DJI INSPIRE 2 with X5s and X7 DJI MAVIC...
  5. Bernard Dery

    Charlevoix - Canada

    Hi, I would like to propose a video comprised of aerial drone shots, video shots and timelapses. The timelapses represent the most part of the video, as they are 12 total. This is a video the of region of Charlevoix, Canada. It took 3 weeks of shots, 3 weeks of postproduction for a 3 minutes...
  6. FreeStateFIlms

    Hello from Maryland, USA!

    We've been lurking on this forum for a while and finally decided to share some of our work. We do short time lapse films from different states around the country, along with the occasional drone shot. We've been growing a youtube channel pretty steadily and are looking forward to visiting more...
  7. samstonehill

    Samuel Stonehill international time-lapse & drone showreel 2016

    I was asked recently to create a show-reel for a potential client, so spent one afternoon cutting this together. While digging through my shots I became aware that I have over 500 shots to choose from after my 3 years on the road. So, since completing this little film I have embarked on...
  8. samstonehill

    Gili Islands time-lapse, drone compilation

    I recently spent three days (for my 40th birthday) in the most awesome of places. Gili Air, just off the coast of Lombok. And I took with me my time-lapse kit & drone (DJI Inspire pro). On the morning of my 40th year on this planet I felt moved to write a poem, which you can hear me reading...
  9. samstonehill

    How to build a solar farm, a time-lapse/drone-lapse of the UK's largest

    This film creatively presents the key stages in the construction of a Belectric solar farm. For three months I lived next to the site in Oxfordshire and trudged around this enormous muddy field. It has taken me a year to create this massively edited down version from a huge amount of footage...

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