1. leandroprz

    Memories of a Traveler - Take a trip through northern Argentina and Chile

    It took me 5 years to shoot a short film about northern Argentina and Chile, 10 months to send it to film festivals and today I'm uploading it to the Internet. You can see the short film here: English subtitles are available! Memories are a strange thing. They are similar to dreams in a...
  2. Zack In a Box

    Motorized Camera Tripod Dolly for eMotimo Spectrum Motion Control Time-lapse

    This is a motorized camera dolly for the eMotimo Spectrum. It gives you the freedom to drive for your third axis time-lapse or motion control video production. This is an incredible motion control device that will free your captures to what you can imagine. You will no longer be limited to you...
  3. JP Danko

    Dynamic Perception Stage One Dolly With MX2 Controller & Battery

    Selling near-new condition Dynamic Perception Stage One Dolly (legacy with 40" aluminum rails and extension rails for 60" maximum length) with MX2 motion controller & lithium ion battery. Asking $800 reserve bid at auction or $1050 buy it now price...

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