1. Arturo Mauleon

    Guanajuato Capital - Hyperlapse Flow Motion

    After more than 4 months of production, more than 8734 photos, more than 820 GB of storage, extraordinary people that support the production, etc; January 25, 2017 ends the last render of the project. Guanajuato Capital — Flow Motion lasts 3:30 minutes, has stereo sound design and is displayed...
  2. Chris B

    HI - Lapse OAHU Hawaii timelapse video

    This time I would like to present my new time lapse movie from Oahu, Hawaii. It took me longer then I thought to finish this project but finally I'm very happy to share it with you. All feedback appreciated.
  3. Andrew Cooney

    Explore Canada - A trip through Alberta & British Columbia

    I recently spent 2 months in this beautiful destination. Coming from Australia, it's quite the change! I loved this place, and shooting over 130,000 images over 11,000 km of travel, this was by far one of the best adventures yet. Explore Canada is a multi part series of films taking you...

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