czech republic

  1. Ian Skriczka

    Hello - Prague: A Day in Hyperlapse

    It took a lot of work to stabilise, but here's a short hyperlapse/timelapse journey that I shot in a single day while freezing my bits off back in 2015 on a cold day in the beautiful Praha/Prague, I decided to attempt a few long hyperlapses to take you on a little route through the city. Shot...
  2. Scott Herder

    A Day in Český Krumlov

    Have finished shooting a fun mix of time-lapse, hyper-lapse and even a couple drone shots in the wonderfully charming and beautiful town of Český Krumlov in the Czech Republic. The concept was spending a day in the city with a focus on the Baroque architecture and I really love trying to create...
  3. Jiri Bajak

    Jeseniky - Life In Harmony

    Today starts first astronomic autumn day, oficially...although the true ruller in the mountains for a couple of weeks is Autumn and night frosts are no exception! Regularly the weather will screw us and a lot of shooting attempts will fail...It does not bother us for 4 hours to walk in rain...
  4. Jiri Bajak

    Milky Way Czech Republic 4K Timelapse, by Timefocus Films

    Hello there, Timefocus Films is back with new video from Czech Republic! First astro-timelapse project in history of Czech Republic in 4K resolution, created by Jiri Bajak and Daniel Scerba. Some photos from timelapse was awarded as Czech Astronomical Picture of the month. Short info about ...
  5. Jiri Bajak

    Jeseniky 4K - Timelapse from beautiful mountains in Czech Republic

    2 years of shooting timelapse in Jeseniky mountains - Czech Republic. Trying to catch best moments from 4 annual periods. The gift for me from mountains was an ton of sunsets, sunrises and other beautiful moments, which definitely seduce my heart... Enjoy!

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