1. Kirill Neiezhmakov

    Hyperlapse shooting: short interview with Kirill Neiezhmakov and BTS (video)

    English subtitles are available. Please turn it on in the settings on youtube. You can see how I started doing hyperlapse and some shots of shooting process. If you have questions - please ask it in comments on youtube
  2. K

    MORE THAN THIS: a reflective/meditative edit

    Hi everyone! Hope you enjoy this reflective edit I've finally completed, shooting it in two different states of Australia over more years than I care to count (complete details below the vid on Vimeo); yes, I've been busy in between with so many other video and photographic projects and jobs...
  3. Joost van Wijk

    Hello timelapsers!

    Hi guys i'm Joost van Wijk come from the Netherlands. Always fighting angainst the lightpollution and try the best i can to make dutch timelapses. I started 4 years ago after i saw some National Geochrapic footage of the milkyway. For now i spent a lot of free hours under the nightsky if its...
  4. Samim Qazi

    This Is Where I Live Qatar 4K

  5. fw5k

    Movie Theater Standee Installation timelapse

    Hello everyone, Brand new to the forum and wanted to share the 2nd timelapse I've ever created. This installation took a little over an hour to complete and the video track was speed up at 16x. This was recorded with my old Canon 8mm camcorder and was edited with Sony Vegas Pro v13. I was...
  6. Thomas Williamson

    Hey there

    I'm Tom, a photographer, film editor and timelapse lover. I've been working in film for quite some years now, but timelapsing and hyperlapsing are relitily new to my practice. I studied and worked in the city of Leeds, Yorkshire and had a great job working for a small film + video production...
  7. Thomas Williamson

    Leeds Hyperlapse Film

    Hey there TLN people. Just thought I'd try and share my hyperlapse film from Leeds in the UK that I created a few months ago. Would love to hear your thoughts. This is also an introduction to myself as it's my first post, so yeah...hello! Since making this I have moved from the UK to the...
  8. Christopher Burns

    Toronto Timelapse - The City We Live In

    Hey everyone, let me know what you think of my newest video.
  9. Andrew Cooney

    Explore Canada - A trip through Alberta & British Columbia

    I recently spent 2 months in this beautiful destination. Coming from Australia, it's quite the change! I loved this place, and shooting over 130,000 images over 11,000 km of travel, this was by far one of the best adventures yet. Explore Canada is a multi part series of films taking you...
  10. Samim Qazi

    Doha Nights 2K

    Hi every one Samim here, 9 months of making this time lapse/ Hyperlapse, its main focus is Doha, Doha is the capital city of Qatar and the most beautiful part of it is The Night time when the lights are ON, here are 3 mins of it from different angles of the city, enjoy .... Equipment: Canon...
  11. Samim Qazi

    Hi i m new in this amazin netwrok, from Qatar will soon share more stuf..

    hi every one, timelapse is my passion my baby, been workin on timelapses for the last 5 to 6 years ... still learning everyday
  12. dheerankur

    Mukteshwar: a Himalayas portrait

    Hi, This is our new creation Mukteshwar is a a small hilly village in the Himalayan ranges. Its considered sacred by Indians and houses a small temple of Lord Shiva: the destroyer. We had a chance to visit the great place and we shot with our mark-III...
  13. Daniel Santos

    Piece of Somiedo

    Hello everyone. Not as famous and well known as Picos de Europa, the Somiedo Natural Park (a 2h30mn from the first) also has a magnificent mountain scenery, beautiful lakes and breathtaking natural beauty. Probably the fact that it is less well known and not as trendy is what makes the asturian...
  14. Doug Richardson

    An Italian Summer

    Hello everybody... Here is the finished Time lapse video that I put together from my month in Italy last year. It is of 23 lapses all merged together with the right music for the theme.. This is my first full video, and first share on Time Lapse Network. Over 7000 photos, all shot on my Canon...
  15. Kai Gradert

    Novoflex EOS/NIK-NT Lens Adapter for Nikon G Type Lenses to Canon EOS

    Attach Nikon G Type Lenses to Canon EOS DSLR Cameras. I have spare that I am not using. Never been used. Made in Germany. $199 + Shipping Please note that this adapter will not provide any automatic lens functions.

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