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  1. P

    Need help to deal with frustrations of using motion control kit

    Hey guys, I just start shooting hyperlapse and still learning different kinds of camera movement. I find it time-consuming to set up those motion control kit before shooting. and find it hard to have the camera movement in absolute control ('s impossible but I really want it) to get...
  2. Steveilad

    Camera Slider size using Syrp: which one to buy?

    Hi all Im new here and require some help from all you knowledgeable people. I am looking at buying my first slider to use with a Syrp Genie and not sure which length to get I have been looking at three sizes 60cm / 80cm and 100cm, i know it will probably come down to personal preference but what...
  3. ShooTools

    New Slider ONE eXtention Track 240 ShooTools

    The perfect camera slider for the Timelapser always on the move. You have at your disposal 3 rails, in way to set-up a slider of 80, 160 or 240cm TIMELAPSE: Maximum portability, in only one bag of 80cm you can carry with you a slider of 240cm. Perfect for extreme location and the...

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