1. kunze_moers

    Astronomy timelapse from Namibia - southern africa

    I created a time-lapse video in Namibia. In 7 nights at different locations, I specifically recorded the night sky with the Milky Way. The music of a South African street musician rounds off the impressive sky shots. Here is the video link: Gear used...
  2. Asif Islam

    Short film on 'The Art of Night'

    I would like to share with you my short film The Art of Night, which is a short film showcasing the beauty of the night sky: from moon, stars, milky way, galaxies to the aurora borealis. Night sky reminds us that we are a small part of a huge Cosmos and provides us an opportunity to reconnect...
  3. leandroprz

    In Shadows - A total lunar eclipse short film

    This a little short film I've been planning since 2015 when I shot my second total Lunar eclipse. This third time I wanted to do something different and decided to mix time-lapse with video. I used 3 cameras and shot from sunset to sunrise.
  4. Asif Islam

    Short film on astronomy and light pollution

    I would like to share with you my short film on how light pollution affects the view of the night sky. It shows how the view gets progressively better as the light pollution reduces (from Los Angeles to Great Basin desert). More details in the description of the video. I got great response...

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