Holy Grail technique

Discussion in 'Prepare for shooting' started by Derek Snyder, Apr 16, 2017.

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    I'm working on learning how do Holy Grail (specifically sunrise) time lapses. My first two tests have not been great but I'm learning. I'm looking for recommendations for my next attempt tomorrow. I'm shooting on a Panasonic GH5, with a f/1.2 lens and a variable ND. In my first attempt I changed nothing during the TL and things ended up totally blowout. In my 2nd I was changing way to many things between shots :) Trying to adjust the var ND messed me up! What should I try tomorrow?

    1. M - start fully open and close aperture as I look at histogram

    2. M - adjust the shutter speed gradually by hand

    3. A - Fully opened aperture, ISO 200, set var ND filter at start and leave it to camera

    Something else?

    (I was using a 8 sec interval, shutter at 1/2sec)

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